Elephant-astic Adventures with Bakari & Moketsi

Elephant-astic Adventures with Bakari & Moketsi

28 Feb 2023

Get ready to meet Bakari and Moketsi, the two coolest African elephant bulls you'll ever lay eyes on! These gentle giants have become beloved residents of Indalu Game Reserve and are famous for their impressive physical characteristics, social behavior, and intelligence.

Moketsi is the older and larger of the two, with a right tuck that curves upward. Bakari on the other hand, is a youngster at 22 years. His left tusk curves upward. But don't worry, even if you mix them up, they won't hold it against you!

These elephants are the largest land animals on earth and can live up to 70 years in the wild. Unfortunately, they are facing threats from poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict, so we need to protect them and their habitats like our lives depend on it. Because they do!

One thing that makes these elephants so special is their memory. They can remember other elephants and humans they have met years ago and are known to mourn their dead. And did you know that these herbivores can consume on average 200kg of vegetation a day, consisting of grasses, leaves, bark and tree roots. Bakari and Moketsi are true foodies and spend most of their time grazing the Indalu Game Reserve for the yummiest greens they can find.

These two elephants like taking visitors on the ultimate adventure - walking tours! And they're not alone. Two hilarious ostriches from Indalu often tag along for the ride, stealing food from the elephants and photo-bombing the tourists. Who knew ostriches were such comedians?

So next time you're in Indalu Game Reserve, be sure to give Bakari and Moketsi a wave and say hello. They'll be happy to show you around and introduce you to their feathery friends. Just be warned, you might never want to leave their side!