Indalu COVID-19 Relief Fund


Due to the national COVID-19 lockdown, we are closed until 30 April 2020 or further notice. Prominent voices in the travel industry foresee very different times ahead with a painful and delayed recovery period post-COVID-19.

In a “perfect world” we enjoyed a medium to high tourism season from around September - May. Currently, we have no certainty that this will stay the norm. Pro-active, decisive action and strategies are vital until travellers are once again able to travel. Conservation partners play a crucial role to overcome the challenges facing us. You can make a difference by donating any amount you wish today. We look forward to reunite again. Stay safe. Stay well.

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Bank Details
Account: Indalu Game Reserve
Standard Bank - SWIFT: SBZAZAJJ
Acc #: 061184551
Branch #: 011545

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