• Madiwa Our Elephants


    Madiwa is the youngest member of the family and has a very gentle character.

  • Shanti Our Elephants


    Shanti is the most calm one in the family and loves to play mother to Madiwa.

  • Amari Our Elephants


    Amari is a true leader as the matriarch cow of the family heard. She loves to be close to Moketsi and enjoy interactions with the family heard.

  • Thebogo Our Elephants


    Tebogo means gift and he is certainly gifted when it comes to an appetite,he loves to eat and is always greedy for food, must be to get enough energy, as he is the most playful amongst the family heard.

  • Bakari Our Elephants


    Bakari loves to entertain the family, have very good skills and his best friend is Tebogo.

  • Moketsi Our Elephants


    Moketsi is the eldest bull and the protector of the family heard. Loves to be near Amari the matriarch cow and is unseperable and bonded very closely.