Elephants never forget

Elephants never forget…and at Indalu Game Reserve in the Garden Route it is not only the elephants that have remarkable memories; the visitors leave with a treasure trove of unforgettable memories to last them for a lifetime.

Indalu, the Xhosa word for ‘nature’ is approximately 30 km from Mossel Bay and just off the N2 towards Cape Town. It is set between the roaming hills and valleys and has been created as a sanctuary for a number of the gentle giants where they roam free in their natural environment.

In 2008 Indalu was founded by Gerhard and Arina van Rooyen who dreamt of establishing a haven for tamed elephants, rescued from cruelty and abuse, in this beautiful piece of rugged land, which falls within the protected Gourits Initiative area.

The Journey

An imposing steel gate welcomes you and promises a journey to explore the variety of indigenous trees, fynbos and renosterbos, while the giant euphorbia that adorn the area lends a surreal ancient feel to the reserve.

The Wildlife

The game has an uninterrupted flow through 800 hectares of land. While guests enjoy the freedom of the unspoilt nature the wildlife is eternally present. At Indalu they believe in living in harmony with a deep respect for all that is tamed, untamed and untouched.

The Area

The whole area oozes a relaxed atmosphere where the pace is slow and the visitors catch a glimpse of Africa, only a few kilometres away from the shores of the Southern Coast of the Western Cape.

At Indalu they believe in living in harmony with a deep respect for all that is tamed, untamed and untouched.

The AreaThe highly trained guides, with their vast knowledge of the African bush veld, take guests on close and intimate encounters. Visitors are treated to game viewing in open vehicles or to walking safaris, which give them access to two of the Big Five – the elephant and rhino – eight different antelope species and over 200 species of bird including the beautiful Fish Eagle and Witkruis Eagle.

The malaria free area boasts a moderate climate with temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius from October to April and between 5 and 18 degrees from May to September.

Join us for an Experience of a lifetime

The Interaction

The interaction with the elephants, open up a new world of understanding for these clever animals. Visitors can enjoy a walk with them and watch them play soccer before they are given the opportunity to touch and feed them a delicious snack bucket.

The Handlers

The experienced and skilled handlers have a very special bond with the elephants. They live very close to them and know their behaviour. Interesting facts and aspects of their actions are shared with the visitors.

The Promise

It is here that you can experience the African wilderness in the Garden Route and marvel at the diverse wildlife. For visitors that stay over there is the experience of the night calls of the wild while enjoying evenings under the star-studded skies beside a dancing fire.